Green Lipped Mussels with Chilli Salsa

 Green lipped mussels will last 1-2 days in the fridge in a plastic bag, or wrapped in damp paper. Do not leave them longer than that out of the running water, or they will die. Mussels that have opened their shells and refuse to close should be discarded before cooking. 


Serves: 10-12 shared platter 

Prep time: 20 minutes 

Cook time: 10 minutes 



2 dozen approx..(24)Green lipped mussels 

1 small onion, finely sliced 

2-3 bay leaves 

½ cup sweet chilli sauce 


Chilli Salsa: 

1 red onion, peeled, finely diced 

1 red capsicum, seeds removed, finely diced 

2 large red tomatoes, seeds removed, finely diced 

½ cup marinated Jalapenos, diced 

1 baby telegraph cucumber, peeled, finely diced 

1 red chilli, seeds removed, finely diced 

½ cup coriander leaves, roughly chopped 

½ cup parsley leaves, finely chopped 

½ cup mint leaves, finely shredded 

4 tablespoons olive oil 

2-3 tablespoons lemon juice 

To garnish, coriander and mint leaves, lemon wedges 


Scrub the green lipped mussels under cold running water, discarding the beards. 

Place in a large saucepan with 1cm water, with the onion slices and bay leaves. Cover tightly and boil until mussels start to open, about 5 minutes, removing the open ones as they do. Discard any that do not. Drain and cool. 

 Remove mussels from shells, trim away any extra threads hanging from the mussels. Toss the whole mussels together with sweet chilli sauce and season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Place each mussel back onto a half shell. Arrange the mussels around a plate in a circular pattern. 

 Prepare the ingredients for the salsa, by dicing the vegetables and herbs into small pieces. Gently mix together the ingredients for the salsa with the olive oil and lemon juice. Season to taste.  

 Spoon a little of the salsa on top of each mussel. Garnish with plenty of lemon wedges and extra sweet chill sauce. Chill until ready to serve.